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Last day of Morphicon

Not a lot I wanted to see today, but the TF / WF panel was fun and the stunt performer panel was very interesting. And that's that for the day. Tomorrow, an early airport shuttle pickup and the long trip home.

Today's personal highlight was when I was headed back to the hotel and passed Dan Southworth going the other way. I was about to say hi when he completely floored me by saying "Hello, Camille." Admittedly he signed Divergence posters for me twice, BUT STILL. I know he and Jason Faunt have to remember a buttload of names and faces as part of their career skills, but to someone like me who forgets most people's names 30 seconds after I'm introduced, it's pretty impressive.

Speaking of Divergence (Dan's sci-fi web series), I watched the screening of the first six eps last night and was very impressed. It's really good! More on that later.