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Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or non-holiday, according to your beliefs. :)

Got home today from a very nice visit with parents and brother. The last Christmas in my mom's current apt since she's moving in a few months to a retirement community, so also a little sad.

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I didn't know there were ANY pictures of Dan Southworth in the spandex, but here one is!


(From Dan Southworth's FaceBook, and PowerMorphicon's Facebook.)
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Morphicon pics

Home sweet home! It was a fun trip but as always I'm glad to be back. As promised, here are the best of my pictures from Power Morphicon 2012:

Some faces are blurred for privacy. Be warned, these are VERY big images. (Click on the image and resize your browser to see them bigger, or of course save them to get full size.)
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Last day of Morphicon

Not a lot I wanted to see today, but the TF / WF panel was fun and the stunt performer panel was very interesting. And that's that for the day. Tomorrow, an early airport shuttle pickup and the long trip home.

Today's personal highlight was when I was headed back to the hotel and passed Dan Southworth going the other way. I was about to say hi when he completely floored me by saying "Hello, Camille." Admittedly he signed Divergence posters for me twice, BUT STILL. I know he and Jason Faunt have to remember a buttload of names and faces as part of their career skills, but to someone like me who forgets most people's names 30 seconds after I'm introduced, it's pretty impressive.

Speaking of Divergence (Dan's sci-fi web series), I watched the screening of the first six eps last night and was very impressed. It's really good! More on that later.
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Morphicon update

Got autographs from Jason Faunt and Dan Southworth. I'll repeat what I said about Jason last time - he's incredibly nice, chatted with me for a couple of minutes and to my amazement remembered seeing me two years ago. He's also astonishingly good-looking in person; photos and videos don't do him justice. Naturally getting to shake hands with and talk to Dan Southworth was a big thrill and he was also super nice and (goes without saying) amazingly attractive. Autographed Divergence posters were free but he offered to sell kisses for $10; tongue for 50 cents extra. :D
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Brian Presley vs Melissa Stetten for the lose

I'm starting to think the Internet will be the ultimate instrument of humanity's downfall. Or at least Twitter and Facebook. It sure brings out the lunatics. (And here I am posting about it... hmmm.)

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The moral is... I dunno, it's hard to see any morality in this pile of crap.
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Snoopy questions meme. :)

This meme is courtesy of germankitty. Sorry it's taken a while but I haven't dropped by LJ for weeks.

Rule 1 - Post the rules
Rule 2- Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new ones.
Rule 3- Tag 11 people and link them to your post.
Rule 4- Let them know you’ve tagged them!

My 11 questions are as follows.

1. Do you easily get foot-in-mouth disease or commit other gaffes? Would you share?

Not really easily, or at least I don't think so. In my working days I did tend to not keep my mouth shut about things I didn't like, which could be a reason I wasn't put in management. :)

2. If money, time and prowess were no object, what would be your dream hobby/leisure activity?

I'm already involved in my dream hobbies: game modding and fanfic writing.

3. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?

I'd love to visit Egypt and see the pyramids - the history of the place fascinates me.

4. Do you have a special gift or talent?

I'm an excellent applications programmer if I say so myself.

5. Is there a law or regulation that drives you bonkers because it's so stupid?

The illegality of marijuana. And same-sex marriage not being legal everywhere.

6. Name three celebrities of your own gender (or opposite, if you're gay) for a game of "Shag/Marry/Throw off a cliff".

Angelina Jolie, Salli Richardson, Lady Gaga.

7. If you're a voracious reader like me, what are your favorite authors? Genres? Books? (NO fanfic, please!)

Georgette Heyer, Janet Evanovich (a guilty pleasure), Jane Austen, Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, J. K. Rowling... lots of others. Mystery, comedy, sci-fi. At the moment, the Harry Potter books, pretty much any Star Trek novel. Yes, I like light reading.

8. Book, or e-reader? Why?

E-books hands down. Besides slightly lower cost, they don't clutter up my apartment.

9. What would you rather deal with in a friend/family member/child -- drug addiction, bigotry or rabid fundamentalism (of any sort)?

That's not much of a choice - they're all horrible.

10. Why did you decide to have/not to have children?

I didn't decide anything - children just never happened.

11. Where do you see yourself in 15 years?

Either still here or in Raleigh.

And I'm much too lazy to make up new questions or tag people.
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Getting it back together

Just a quick update - things are going well. After going to pot for a few months after retirement, I've joined Weight Watchers Online and so far have lost 18 lbs. Hoping for another 20 - 25 before Power Morphicon in August. :) I'm exercising at least 30 minutes six days a week, either walking or weights. My knee is almost back to normal. Still busy with game modding, friends, life, and loving having the time for all of them.
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Why am I falling apart?

Since retirement my body seems to have decided to go on the fritz. A couple of months in, my back started hurting big time, and my knee started to get worse again. Unsurprisingly, instead of losing weight due to reduced stress, I started to gain it due to increased sitting on my butt watching TV or playing with the PC.

But maybe things are turning around. I think my back problems are sciatica ('pinched nerves' in the lower spine: shooting pains from hips down legs) and that's improved a lot to the point it only bothers me in the early morning and when I sneeze. :) And I got desperate enough about my weight to join Weight Watchers Online. Much to my surprise, it's helped immensely to both motivate me and get me to pay more attention to what and how much I eat and how much exercise I get. As of this morning I've lost six pounds in 5 1/2 weeks and have been walking or working out 30 minutes to an hour six days a week. It's not spectacular but is a good start. Biggest thrill: getting undressed and my 'fat pants', the only pair that wasn't uncomfortably tight a month ago, slipped off over my hips without being unbuttoned.

The knee is the dark spot in all this - if anything it's getting worse and starting to make it difficult to get my walking and other exercise done. I'm seriously considering arthroscopic surgery to clean up the torn cartilage and hopefully reduce the discomfort.
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